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Versace 1875

A matter of style.
Since 1875.

Versace 1875

Fine jewellery
and silverware

Versace 1875

The Versace family jewellery business was founded in 1875 by Agostino Versace in Cittanova, in the province of Reggio Calabria. In the early 1900s, his son Tullio set up a manufacturing company producing fine jewellery and gold creations in Vicenza.

In 1926 the family business returned to Calabria and the cav. Tullio Versace Company was established in Reggio, becoming official retailer of the prestigious Rolex brand in 1939.


The jewel as a body ornament can be found in all cultures and many Italian jewellery designers have drawn inspiration from ancient civilizations to develop their creations.

Always keen to interpret the style of the times, we at Gioielleria Versace constantly focus on the best talents of Italian handcrafted goldsmith and jewellery, and propose refined creations stating the uniqueness of a work of art.

The Silverware

For centuries, the art of the silversmith enhanced the richest courts in Europe and abroad with exquisite and finely handcrafted masterpieces, becoming increasingly simple under the influence of changing lifestyles. Today, it is still the style, skills and knowhow of Italian silversmiths of excellence that inspires their works of art, and we have the privilege of displaying them in our showroom.

Gift Ideas

Every occasion has a meaning and a value for the person who experiences it. Gioielleria Versace proposes a selection of costume and fashion jewellery as well as traditional and contemporary objects in line with the family history and standards of style.

Customer service

The Gioielleria Versace is an Official Rolex Authorized Service Centre and our staff will advise you on how to take care of your wristwatch.